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Thanks for visiting my website. Like you, I enjoy viewing the artistic images created by people who enjoy capturing life's moments through photography.  My love of photography began at nine years old when I realized the excitement of creating images with my Kodak Brownie. Over the decades I've captured images (with film and digitally) that have in some way touched me. My motivation could be visual interest, technical curiosity, documenting a moment, or emotional connection... I truly love making photographs.

Please take a look around my site.
My hope is that at least one image touches you in a special way!

The website is organized with theme-based Folders, such as Vermont, Travel, Documentary, etc. Within each Folder are Galleries containing the individual Photos. You can also use the Search option to locate specific images.

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If you ever run into any problems with the SmugMug service, or if the quality of your product is not good, PLEASE be in touch with me at lindamary22@comcast.net.

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Thanks again and be well... Linda

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